Ras Al Sheikh Humaid


The Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed is a beautiful sandy cape located at the junction between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. It is famous for its nature and picturesque terrain. It is located directly in front of the islands of Tiran and Sanafir.
The sand banks of Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed used to be the westernmost point of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until sovereignty of the Tiran Islands was ceded officially to Saudi Arabia by Egypt in 2017. Today, Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed is the westernmost point of the Saudi Arabian mainland.
The sand banks of Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed lie on coral reefs that are sometimes visible from the beach, especially on the western side of the sandy cape. They host an incredibly rich and diverse marine life.
The beaches of Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed are not only beautiful but they also offer stunning viewpoints of the Sinai Mountains of Egypt that are located just 10 kilometres to the west. From Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed, the sun sets above the edges of the Sinai, falling into the Red Sea, making for a particularly stunning experience.

Where is it?
The area is accessible by road, 40 KM south of Magna.

What to do there?
The Red Sea area is home to pristine coral reefs and is renowned for its spectacular scuba diving experiences. Other activities include nature watching, sightseeing, photography, camping, and stargazing.

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