Georgios G. Shipwreck


What is it?
The Georgios G. was originally named “Poole Quay” when it was first launched in Sunderland, England, in 1949. Nine years later, the ship was refitted as a cargo liner with various owners. In 1978, the vessel became stranded on a reef off the Saudi coast in the Gulf of Aqaba while carrying a cargo of flour.
The fire lasted several days and destroyed everything except the ship’s metal parts, which can still be seen today. Since then it has become one of the region’s most popular assets. Over the years, the shipwreck has attracted many marine species including corals, sponges, fish and turtles. As an extensive artificial reef, it is now an important part of NEOM’s marine conservation program.

Where is it?
It is only accessible by driving south on the coast road from Haql.

What to do there?
Picnicking, snorkeling / swimming / scuba diving (only in designated areas), sightseeing, photography, stargazing.
Caution should be taken while visiting, as the edges of the shipwreck are sharp and potentially dangerous.

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